MASTER OF CEREMONIES1980523_900728949939922_1040359231332465952_o

The Baron has his highly energetic and unique way of hosting the shows and events from celebrity weddings to massive festivals. His behaviour and way of hosting, can be tailored to suit in events of all kinds. If you are looking for a formal gentleman with behaviour to please Kings and Queens or the rudest scumbag to shock your crowds, do not hesitate to contact us and lets bespoke The Baron to be your master of ceremonies.



This is The Baron’s legendary strongman act – where he rips himself out of the chains tightly wrapped around his body, bends iron bars with his teeth, rips a large book into two pieces and lifts extremely heavy weights with his body piercings, including his nipple weight lifting World Record lift! This show can be up to 15 minutes long and is narrated by The Baron’s comical and witty style.



MISSION IMPOSSIBLE10369880_10152932491165820_5837179436330942818_n

The Baron’s latest spectacle is an incredible high-impact act that’s based on Harry Houdini’s legendary fetter escape act. Instead of opening powerful padlocks, The Baron tries to tear the chains and do the escape with using only his magnificent brute Scandinavian body power. Can he rip the steel chains and flee to his freedom?! Shows running time is estimated 8min


SKYFALL (Duo act with LouLou D’vil)

This is a brand new collaboration act in between The Baron and legendary burlesque superstar LouLou D’vil. Within this act you can eyewitness amazing rope bondage, breath taking rope suspension aerial action and The Baron pulling LouLou up in the sky using only his nipple piercings. This is simply the most dangerous show this couple has ever done. Duraction 7min. Longer version also available.

The Baron of The Universe Extravaganza is a brand new show full of  extreme strongman stunts fueled up with witty humor. This show combines the Dandy Strongman, and Mission Impossible acts with  great amount of brand new dare devil stunts. The shows running time is marvelous 45 minutes. You can only imagine how The Baron rock’s the stage and baffles the audience.FOR ANY SHOW INQUIRES PLEASE CONTACT US AT:


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